We Want Your Input

Starting in a couple of weeks we are going to make a minor format change to one show a week. We have decided to take Friday of each week and dedicate the show to something outside of our usual expositional teaching. This will be a time when we talk about whatever we want… or whatever you want. We are cooking up some ideas on our own but we want to use Fridays to address things you want to hear us talk about.

So, we want your input – what do you want us to talk about? If there is a topic you would like us to address, let us know. If you there is something that we have taught that you would like explained in more detail, please contact us. If you have an alternative perspective that you think should be heard, tell us your argument.

Monday through Thursday we aim to give you good, sound, expositional teaching. Fridays we will offer a little more variety and an opportunity for you to interact with us on the show. If you are bored by our monotone voices then tune in on Fridays and you will find something quite different.

You can contact us here on the blog (comment on this post or any episode), on our Facebook page here, or via email by clicking here.

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