The Four Reformed Spiritual Laws

It may surprise you to hear that, at one point in college, I was on the student leadership team for Campus Crusade for Christ. That is, until I was told that they emphasized “spirit” and I emphasized “truth” and that we didn’t make a good fit. Apparently Paul was confused when he put those two together. 

You may think of me as a troublemaker for joining the group and getting kicked out. I certainly didn’t join to create strife or engage in meaningless debates. I joined because, up until the year that I joined leadership, the group had been an enjoyable place for fellowship. It was our local “youth group” – and not the corrupt megachurch kind. However, the year that I joined, corporate sent out some new leaders to the area who seemed to have only one thing in mind: handing out tracts and getting people to “pray the prayer” so they could report numbers back to hq. Obviously, I wanted no part in this, so I decided to push back. 

I’ll leave the positive case for biblical evangelism to one of our Missionary-Evangelists and simply say I do not believe evangelism-by-tract to be the way to go. And, as you probably know, Campus Crusade uses (or at least used) the four spiritual laws as their tract of choice. The problem with the four laws, aside from the tract issue, is that they promote a false gospel. Christ didn’t die simply because He loves all mankind (which isn’t true in the way they use the word love anyway). He died because of the sin of His people. There is much wrong with those “laws”.

One of my acts of “rebellion” was to write a biblical version of the laws. I simply took their structure and replaced the rules with Biblical truth. They are slightly tongue-in-cheek in presentation, mostly because I would never actually use a tract. But don’t let the harshness of the presentation deceive you: these are the truth. So, without any further ado, the Four Reformed Spiritual Laws:

1. God might love you, but He probably hates you.

If you are one of the elect then God loves you. The number of elect is drastically smaller than the number of the damned and it is therefore probable that God hates you.

Psa. 5:4-6; Matt 7:13-14; Luke 13:23-28; Matt 13:10-15; 2 Thess 2:8-12

2. Man is sinful and the enemy of God and deserves the full wrath of God.

God has a standard of perfection which no man can ever hope to live up to. From birth man is doomed to an eternity of damnation if nothing is done to appease God’s wrath.

Rom 3:10-18; Deut 32:39-41; 2 Kings 22:17; Rom 9:6-26

3. Jesus, the Christ’s death on the cross is the only propitiation for man’s sin.

Jesus, who is the Christ, led a sinless life and died on the cross as an unblemished Lamb to satisfy God’s wrath. The Christ’s resurrection on the third day is proof that He is truly the God-man and victor over death.

Rom 3:21-26; Isaiah 53:4-6; 1 John 4:10; 1 Cor 15:20-28

4. Repent unto everlasting life!

Only he that is granted repentance from God may be saved through the washing of rebirth and regeneration by the Holy Spirit and become an heir according to the hope of eternal life.

Titus 3:3-7; Eph 1:3-12; Acts 2:37-42; Mark 1:14-15; Luke 13:1-5

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