Problems with Web Player [UPDATE: Now Working]

[UPDATE: It seems that the web players are now working. If you have any issues with playing any episode, please contact us or leave a comment. Thank you.]

In an effort to make the podcasts easier to find in iTunes we decided to update the titles of the shows with our podcast hosting service. In the process we have somehow managed to break the web player. A few of the episodes still play but unfortunately not all of them. The podcasts are still available for download in iTunes and seems to be working properly in that format. If you would like the new titles for the episodes you will need to re-download them.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We have notified the help desk for our podcast hosting service and hope to hear back from them shortly.

3 thoughts on “Problems with Web Player [UPDATE: Now Working]

    1. TRBC

      I’m not a technical expert but we haven’t changed anything on the blog. You probably want to make sure there is enough free space on your device to download new files.


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