Ep43 Titus 2:5 Subject to Their Husbands

Today, we continue with our exposition of Titus, and we will try to deal with the rest of chapter 2 verse 5—which contains some things that are not generally well received in our modern age. Paul says that women are to be workers at home and subject to their own husbands… all so that the word of God will not be dishonored.

One thought on “Ep43 Titus 2:5 Subject to Their Husbands

  1. Anonymous

    I just listened to episode 43, the one that my spouse said she agreed with. You certainly make a Biblical case here in the marriage. Not generally done so well. I like how you stated this isn’t about us. Wouldn’t it be something if we could ever get to that point. There is a reason marriages end in divorce and the family is in chaos and its not because of the schools, movies, tv etc. It is because we are simply not following God. As you say, in Gods infinite wisdom, he designed authority as he did. Of course the key is for each of us to own our part and not the others. Ah, the challenge of each day. And which, for me, can only be accomplished by the Holy Spirit.


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