Ep34 Nick and Jason Discuss Division of Labor in the Church

Today Nick and Jason answer a question placed on the blog about the division of labor within the Church. In episode 7 Jason mentioned that it is the job of the laity to support the church, not be evangelists. We examine this question again discussing the nature of evangelism and why it is the job of an ordained elder. We also examine a number of New Testament passages and attempt to interpret them to give us insight into this question.

2 thoughts on “Ep34 Nick and Jason Discuss Division of Labor in the Church

  1. Anonymous

    i appreciate your episode regarding the evangelist and laity primary functions. And I understand many “mission” trips are really humanitarian trips or an opportunity for Americans to see how the third world lives, but here is another example. Many people do go to other countries and work with the local church to spread the Gospel. i know one person who goes to Africa each year and meets with local people who have never heard the Gospel. he is there in conjunction with the local church and they do partner the new convert with the local church. Are you suggesting that this person should NOT go to Africa or in this scenario it does fit the primary role of laity supporting the church.

    1. boltjason

      Not at all! We are not suggesting that this person should not go to Africa. What we are suggesting is that those who are actually gifted evangelists with a legitimate calling should be commissioned and ordained with the proper authority to preach the gospel. The reality is that this person you are describing is the exception and not the norm. Most people have zero interest in trekking through small villages in Africa sharing their faith . . . and that’s ok. Those people shouldn’t do it, nor should they be told that they ought to do it. Rather, they should focus their service on the church. The man you are describing, however, sounds like a potential candidate for the office of evangelist listed in Ephesians 4:11. I would suggest that the elders of his church consider his qualifications; and if he meets what is biblically required, they ordain him as an evangelist.



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