I wrote an article titled “The Stuff We Export” back in November. It has come to my attention that great offense was taken by some of our readers at some of what I said. Admittedly, I included too many details about the situation I used as an example. This led to one of the individuals from the situation being identified. My intent was not to speak of this individual, and I should not have allowed this person to be so easily identified. Because of this, the article has been removed.

My foolish inclusion of too many details was, however, not what led to offense being taken. Rather, offense was taken at the following statement:

“This is the kind of behavior in which we would expect children to engage, yet it is exactly what we are exporting to young churches around the world. We do our brothers and sisters who are spread across the face of the earth an incredible disservice by exposing them to this kind of garbage. It is possible that this is all American Christianity has to offer. In which case, we should stop all exports.

Given that I have been exported, I do not believe that churches in America only have garbage to offer. However, my personal observation is that most churches in America do the opposite of what China does. Churches in America send to the mission field those who are not fit to be elders while keeping the best (I use that term loosely) at home. The stuff we export is, for the most part, garbage, and the world would be better off without it.”

It has come to my attention that some readers thought I was referring to all American missionaries as garbage. I should have been more clear in what I said. I was not making a personal statement about anyone. Rather, I was referring to the theology that is exported as garbage. If any of you reached the conclusion that I see American missionaries as garbage, please understand that this is not true. I have never launched such personal attacks, and it would be wrong of me to do such a thing on this web log. I do believe that most of the theology that is brought to the mission field by American missionaries is garbage, and I do believe the world would be better off if we stopped exporting such theology. This, however, is merely my opinion. I urge you to form your opinion based upon facts, not based upon my opinion. Furthermore, I do not believe that all American missionaries are garbage, and I urge you to also reject the idea that all American missionaries are garbage.
J.N. Bolt

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