Assimilation: The State and the First Commandment

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Exodus 20:3 says, “You shall have no other gods before Me.” In contradistinction to the First Commandment, the Constitution of the United States: 1) Rejects the God ordained, covenantal authority of God (Romans 13) and replaces it with “the People” as the supreme authority of the country, 2) Rejects the Law of God as recorded in the Bible as God’s standard for public righteousness and replaces it with the voice of the “People” as seen in the Legislative branch of government and as government by natural law, and 3) Rejects the biblical requirement that the civil magistrate be a Christian and replaces it with Article 6 which states that there “shall be no religious test” in order to hold civil office in the United States.

God has declared that He must be first in the civil realm. The Constitution has declared that the People are first in the civil realm and God is relegated to the position of cheerleader. The Constitution recognizes God by name and hopes that He will hang around in order to exert a nice, moral influence upon the citizens of the country. But, the Constitution specifically and explicitly expels God from His mandatory position as supreme God of the land.

The specific test of whether or not God is the God of the land has to do with the source of law for the land. God has ordained the civil authorities. He has empowered the civil authorities. He describes them as His “ministers”. He has given them specific, written instructions on how they are to operate in judging the citizens of the land. Those specific, written instructions are contained in the Word of God, which is sufficient for all matters of faith and practice. There is nothing that needs to be added to the Scriptures for the civil magistrate to be completely equipped and able to administer the revealed will of God in any political economy. Any addition to or subtraction from the Bible is an assault upon God’s First Commandment right of being the one and only God.

The US Constitution consciously and specifically excluded God’s law from the land. This dismissal of the law of God is tantamount to a dismissal of God’s claim to be sovereign over the land and its people. Replacing the Law of God with the law of the Legislative branch of government was a usurpation of the right place of God in the land and is a direct violation of the First Commandment. It is fair to say that the United States is founded upon the principle of holding the god of the “People” as the primary god of the land.

Lest I be deemed to be too extreme in the statements that I have made, consider for a moment any of the hundreds of cases where Christians tried to erect monuments to the Ten Commandments on public property. In all cases those attempts are struck down (rightly, according to the Constitution) as violations of the Constitutional prohibition against the establishment of religion by the State. The god of the People will tolerate no competition, even if the competition is the God of the Bible.

As John Calvin originally pointed out (and as most biblical interpreters since him have agreed), the commandments include a positive function in addition to the explicit negative prohibition that is given. In the case of the First Commandment, when God asserts that there are to be no other gods before Him, the positive side of the commandment is that He is to be established in the civil realm as the only God. This was understood to be true by all nominally Christian civilizations in the course of human history. It was always assumed that it was the responsibility of the State to establish some form of the true biblical religion. The Constitution of the US was one of the first documents to specifically repudiate that doctrine and declare that the People are the supreme authority in the civil realm. Although it sounds very strange to the ears of those who have been raised on the propaganda of the US government, it is the duty of the magistrate to establish the God of the Bible as the God of the land. The mere fact that that statement is deemed to be the product of a raving madman only shows how far the assimilation to US culture has destroyed our ability to see the truth. The fact that evangelicals are embarrassed, ashamed, and angered by anyone who would dare to talk in the way that I am writing, in light of the alleged fact that we live in a “pluralistic, religiously neutral” society, proves that we have been assimilated.

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