Assimilation: Introduction

This is the first of a series of posts on the sin of Assimilation. Click here to see the entire series.

Evangelicalism in the United States no longer worships and serves the God of the Bible. For the most part, American Christianity has created an idolatrous god that allows believers the opportunity to feel good about themselves by pretending to be Christians while at the same time being fully assimilated into American culture.

Such a sweeping introductory statement as the one made above will be met with guffaws of derision and contempt by those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo in Evangelicalism. That, however, does not make the assertion untrue. In this essay I will dramatically illustrate how the god of evangelical Christianity is a figment of the many fruitful imaginations of leading evangelicals. In addition, I will prove that the Church in the United States has essentially assumed the role of the false prophet in the Book of Revelation in that it is the handmaiden to the United States Government. I will also show that the dominant presupposition among evangelicals, that the Church is under the covenantal blessing of God, is false. In reality, the Church in America is more akin to the Church in Laodicea in that we “say that we are rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing” and we “do not know that we are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.” (Rev 3: 17)

The Church has had to deal with the sin of assimilation throughout her lifetime. With the exception of some short periods of time when the Church was obedient and blessed by God, most of the history of the Church reads like a litany of apostasy from biblical truth. The arrogant assumption of modern believers that we are somehow obedient and blessed is difficult to see from the nature of the Church in the United States today. The Church today has assimilated to the culture of the United States and the culture of the United States is statist. Statism, or the belief that the State has all of the attributes of deity, is the real national religion of the United States. The State is a legitimate, God-ordained institution. However, the government of the United States has rejected the principles of form and function found in the Bible and replaced them with a counterfeit set of rules designed to bring about the inevitable religion of statism. The fact that the Church has been assimilated by the State is what will be proven in this essay. Before looking at the modern Church it is worthwhile to spend some time considering a biblical example of assimilation to the local culture.

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