Assimilation: Assimilation via Patriotism

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Evangelical Christians are largely politically conservative. As conservatives, they see patriotism as a part of their Christian duty of obedience to the State. There is rarely a dry eye in evangelical circles when the Star Spangled Banner is performed prior to the high school football game. The house is brought down when some 9-11 survivor sings “American the Beautiful” during the seventh inning stretch at the local ballpark. Especially during times of war (which seems to be about all of the time by modern standards) we are encouraged to “support our troops” and rally behind the Commander in Chief. Churches proudly display the Christian flag and the US flag on the podium as a symbol of their patriotism. I do not think it is a stretch to assert that patriotism is considered to be a necessary belief and feeling for all, in the mind of evangelicals. It is fair to say that Christians have been thoroughly assimilated into the secular doctrine of patriotism.

We are told that we need to “love God and country”. Unfortunately, we are not told that the God of the Bible and the god of the country are two different gods. As a result of blind conformity to the practices of the country most Christians have lost all ability to distinguish between the false god of the patriotic citizen and the true God of the Bible.

Rather than just blindly asserting “My country, right or wrong!” it would be worth considering if allegiance and loyalty to the United States government is something that a Christian should be doing. Rather than just assuming that God expects us to be patriotic, maybe we should see if He has an opinion about the way things are done in the US government. The popular media portrays the “Christian Right” as an integral part of the Republican Party. Many evangelicals are politically active in the Republican Party. In fact, not being politically active can be a serious mark against an evangelical in the Church today. Before we all run out and sign up as grassroots activists for the Republican party we should ask if God is pleased with the political state of affairs in the United States today.

The Ten Commandments contain God’s moral laws for everybody and everything. If Christians are to be loyal and patriotic towards the State, it makes sense to assume that the State must be behaving, in at least some fashion, in a way consistent with the Ten Commandments. It is hard to say that a believer should have patriotic feelings towards the State when the State is breaking all of the Ten Commandments. My point in this next section is to prove that despite the fact that evangelicals have intensely patriotic feelings, the State is purposefully breaking all of the Ten Commandments. Our patriotism is misplaced. Patriotism for the US is a sin because it is support for immorality in the public square and is a direct attack upon God and His Commandments. Patriotism for the US directly results in the worship of a false god, the god of the State. I will prove that the Church has been completely assimilated by the doctrine of patriotism.

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